About Us

Good lighting is charming. Great lighting changes everything.

It can be bold. It can be great. It can dazzle and it can shine. Best of all, it transforms the mood and atmosphere into an idyllic one, no matter where you are, whether you're feeling cool blue evenings written with sleek and soulful quotes, or full of bold A pink weekend of statements and bigger dreams.

This is where our story begins. We are big dreamers, passionate about two things: impeccable design and impressive lighting. Born in Miami Beach and raised in the arts district, we take the best influences from our colorful surroundings and turn them into more advanced LED neon signs and signs. Violet shades. Magenta halo. Lemon yellow rays. No matter what your rainbow slot is, we've got a sign that will brighten up your world. Stick to colorful dreams, your world will never be monotonous.

our beliefs

A colorful life is a miraculous life.

We love color, not only in our lights, but in the beauty of people everywhere. Never be afraid to show yours.

Art allows us to reach higher realms.

Art pushes us to do better, to try new things and to innovate beyond the dull and the norm. It makes us better people.

Words matter. Use them wisely.

Whether it's our gestures or the way we talk to each other, every word counts. Let them be kind. Give them purpose. make them last.

You have the opportunity to make a difference. Even if it's just a small gesture.

Our signs may seem like a small part of life, but they can greatly affect others, both in the emotions they stir and the thoughts they inspire. We encourage you to consider your impact, no matter how big or small.

There's no better canvas than a wall illuminated by blinding lights.

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