Photo Guide

Follow these tips when taking pet photos! If you can't follow these steps exactly, don't worry! I will personally check all the photos in each order and I will email you more information if needed!

If I do receive your order and the photos are not good enough, I will notify you within 1 day (usually) of receiving your order and help you choose a more suitable one.

✅ Close-up photos are the best!

✅ Try to take the photo at eye level with your pet,make sure the pet is facing forward.

✅ Take pictures in natural light, do not use flash,shot in good light with no strong shadows

✅ Try to keep your pet sitting or still - make sure there is no blur.

✅ Make sure the long, floppy ears in the photo do not extend beyond the frame.

✅  High resolution photo-modern phones 2015+ orcameras. Try not to use screenshots or social media.

✅ Close up so that we see your pets unique features, butmake sure all features are in the photo!